What do I need to Prepare My Taxes?

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General Taxable Income

Retirement Income

Business Income

  • ___ Business Income and Expenses
  • ___ Rental Income and Expenses
  • ___ Farm Income and Expenses
  • ___ Form K-1 Income from Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corporations
  • ___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Business Purposes

Tax Credits

  • ___ Child Care Provider Address, I.D. Number and Amounts Paid
  • ___ Adoption Expense Information
  • ___ Foreign Taxes paid

Expenses and Tax Deductions

Tax Estimate Payments

  • ___ Estimated Tax Payments Made with ES Vouchers
  • ___ Last Year's Tax Return Overpayment Applied to This Year
  • ___ Off Highway Fuel Taxes Paid

General Information

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